Thursday, 19 March 2020

Corona crisis is a challenge for mankind, do not take it lightly, face it with resolve and restraint, keep curfew on March 22 - PM Modi calls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the country today with a coronavirus. He said that many countries that were not affected by World War II were due to the corona virus. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister convened a review meeting on remedies for the corona virus. The Prime Minister's Office tweeted that the meeting was discussing strengthening preparations to prevent transit and expanding facilities. The Prime Minister thanked the state governments, doctors, paramedical staff, paramilitary force and aviation sector, municipal staff and everyone involved in the work to prevent the transition. Addressing the Prime Minister, PM Modi on Sunday, March 22, appealed for a public curfew to be included in the national interest.

The concept of patriotism from the masses curfew

Modi said, "Every country has to follow a public curfew this Sunday, March 22 from 7am to 9pm. During that time, no citizen will leave the house. Society does not go anywhere in the road. People connected to essential service must leave because they have a duty. Our effort on March 22 will prove to be a strong endeavour in the country. "

Addressing the Prime Minister, Modi said,

"You need some time to come. So far, science has not been able to suggest a definitive solution to the corona epidemic. And there was no medicine for her. In a world where the influence of corona is seen, studies have contradicted each other. In these countries, after the first few days, there has been a sudden explosion of illness. The number of people infected with corona in these countries has increased very rapidly. The Government of India is sitting on this track, keeping track of the prevalence track record. However, there are some countries who have made the necessary decisions and are handling the situation by isolating their people more and more. The role of citizens has been very important in this. Against a country with a population of over 130 crore like India, a country that is striving for growth. In a country like ours, Corona's crisis is not normal. Today, when we see the widespread impact of this epidemic in large and developed countries, it is wrong to assume that it will have no effect on India. And so two major sayings are needed to counter this epidemic. "


"The first thing is resolve and second restraint. Today, 130 million countrymen will have to strengthen their resolve that we will fulfill our duty as a citizen to prevent this global epidemic. We should follow the guidelines of the Central Government, State Government. Today, we have to take the resolve that we will be self-infected and save others from being infected.
Only one mantra works in this kind of epidemic. We are healthy but the world is healthy. In such a situation, when there is no medicine for the disease, the first thing we need to do is keep ourselves healthy. Another essential factor in preventing and staying healthy is restraint. What is the mode of restraint? Avoid congestion, avoid getting out of the house. "

"Nowadays what is called social distancing is very important and it is effective. Our resolve and restraint will play a huge role in reducing the impact of this global epidemic. So if you think you are healthy, nothing will happen to you, it is not right to think that you are moving around the market like this, walking the streets and avoiding corona. By doing so you will be doing injustice to your family. Therefore, I urge every countryman to get out of your home only if necessary for the next few weeks. As much as possible, if you want your work, business, office, work from home, which is in government services, is representative, activists are media workers. Older people don't get out of the house for several weeks. "

Even two countries cannot help each other, contribute to this crisis

"In the last two months, every country of 130 million Indians, the citizens of the country have considered this crisis which has come against the country. For India, for society, everyone has done what can be done by the countrymen. I am convinced that even in the time to come, we all countrymen will continue to perform our duties and duties in this way. I believe that there are some problems that arise at such times. Conversations of doubt and rumour are generated. Often, as a citizen, our expectations cannot be met. But the crisis is so big, global. Even two countries cannot help each other. In such a situation all the countrymen need to deal with these problems with a resolute resolve among them. We have to focus our energies on protecting ourselves right now. That is the priority. Today the country has a central government, state governments, local units, panchayats. Whether there is a public representative or a civil society. Everybody is contributing to the disaster. You also have to contribute. ""

Avoid Unnecessary Surgery, Covid-19 Becomes Economic Response Task Force

"In this time of crisis, you also have to be careful about the services we need, the pressure on our hospital should not be increased. A routine of going to the hospital for routine checkups should be avoided. It should be avoided as much as possible. If necessary, get the advice you need on the phone at a doctor you know. If you do not have the surgery you need, take it on a date and move on. Friends, this global epidemic is also having a huge impact on the economy. Considering the economic challenges posed by the Corona epidemic, the government has decided to lead a Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister. The task force will be in regular contact with each stakeholder, taking feedback and making decisions in the future. This taskforce will also ensure that decisions are made for economic conditions. "


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