Thursday, 9 February 2017

Visa applications from those seeking social media passwords also may be ask by US


US official visa applications from those who would get their social media passwords. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly said that in the coming time to Czech visa Aplikents background can be done. Kelly said the step is being taken in order to make America and the screening of visitors to be detected which may be a threat to us.

John Kelly said it's one of those things on which the government is considering. 7 Muslim countries, especially Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for visitors coming from.

 Kelly said: "We are considering taking some more or additional screening. We also visitors can demand social media ID and password information." Department of Homeland Security, after the confirmation of the Senate as secretary John Kelly in his first congressional hearing these words.

Do on the Internet, a requisite know Kelly

Kelly said, "especially when it comes to Muslim countries those 7 to examine the people you work very hard. But if they come here, we ask them what websites they surf, they us password and we'll see what they do on the internet. "

"If they co-operate in this process should not be America if they do not want to come to America they really should help them in check."

No decision yet taken

Kelly said: "It is going on right now considering, no decision has been taken. But in the future will be examined closely, even if the US visa delays Why do not those who come."

Please tell Donald Trump on January 27, 7 Muslim nations banned US visa was granted. However, the Federal Court's decision to the travel ban was suspended.

The Court imposed a stay on the executive order

Seattle's court order prohibiting the executive spoke of the 7th Muslim countries had imposed the ban on the entry of people in the US.

Seattle Judge James Roberts said: "The court's decision must be implemented immediately. In addition, the ban on travel ban should Htni immediately."

Trump in the US Administration to suspend the travel ban had appealed against the judgment of the Federal Court. This was rejected by the Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Trump had rejected the petition Reaction

Trump tweeted, said the ban prohibiting the courts to secure the US border, is disturbing. '
'' The judge's decision to put the nation in jeopardy and if something happens, then it will be responsible for the judge and the court system. "

Trump said, "I admitted to the US Homeland Security has asked to closely monitor the people. He said that the very need for caution, because the Court has made the job very difficult.

The order was given on January 27

Trump, who had imposed the ban on the immigration of people from seven Muslim countries, among them Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen are. The order was passed on January 27.
US Refugee Admisns program was closed for 120 days. It will be launched only when Trump cabinet members will thoroughly examine her.

According to the order, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, people could not enter the US up to 90 days. They went to said to have been denied visa.


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