Monday, 13 February 2017

US denying a visa to the Pak Senator; We also denied to welcome US – Pakistan

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Pakistan deputy chairman of the US Senate has refused visas to Heydari. Heydari's largest Islamist party Jamiat Ulema Islam, Secretary General of Pakistan also. 2 members of a delegation of the Senate of Pakistan in the UN Headquarters in New York to attend a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union was supposed to go. Heydari was to lead the delegation, but now, after the refusal of the US delegation has canceled his visit. Donald Trump to tell the American president since becoming its strict Muslim peoples are being taken. Trump is also opposed to the move.
According to news agency IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union) meeting is to be held on 13 and 14 February.
pakistani senitor ban

The Express Tribune reported that the sources were quoted as saying on the basis of technical reasons not to issue visas to Heydari was decided. The case has now been put on hold.
Pakistani Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani has taken notice of the issue. Pakistan delegation on its visit to New York say they have canceled.
Rabbani has directed the Secretariat to resolve the issue of any US diplomatic delegation or not entertained.

Rabbani said in a statement to the media, "the issue is resolved by the Senate of Pakistan, Senate Standing Committee and a delegation of US senators, members of Congress or the US diplomat will not be welcomed."

What did the US Embassy responded to?

According to official sources, the newspaper said, "Pakistan 2 weeks ago by Senate Secretariat official had applied for a visa."
"Another member of the US delegation Pakistani Senator Lt-General (retd) Salahuddin Tirmiji visa had 2 days."
pakistani senitor ban

"When the Secretariat through official channels from the US Embassy made Heydari Czech passport status in this case it was reported that the US authorities will be able to tell until Tuesday."
"This was clear that the US will not be able to Atand Heydari IPU conference."

Trump at the sight of Muslim majority countries

Heydari from the US side not to issue visas to the US move comes in the wake of the Court's judgment, in which 7 people banned Muslim majority country to restore order was refused.

90 days for the people of Muslim countries to ban from the US command was issued by the US president, Donald Trump. Trump had signed the executive order last month.

7 Muslim majority country were banned in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are included. Pakistan is not named in the list.


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