Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Trump made Lieutenant General McMaster new NSA, 4 people were interviewed

Donald Trump

Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster Donald Trump (54) of the new US National Security Adviser (NSA) is created. 4 people he had interviewed. Please tell enhance relations with Russia was forced to resign over allegations Michael Flynn.

Trump said, "Army of McMaster's fantastic image. We have great respect for them. They are Experienced, talented and strong."
new nasa

However, some experts wondered McMaster is selected. McMaster to speak more are discussed. It is believed that the challenge will be to handle the trump Administration.
NSA's posting has been widely debated. So, that would not necessarily trump Administration from McMaster to a Kritisaij.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator John McCain quipped about McMaster's appointed. "The Trump Choice 'amazing' is. I congratulate the President for his decision to Trump."

Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador

White House spokesman Sean Spicer, a retired NSA's current acting Lt-General Keith Kellogg, the US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, to carry. General HR McMaster and superintendent of the US Military Academy spoke of an interview with Lt-General Robert Kasln.

Meanwhile, Flynn resigned from the post on February 14 NSA. Who was accused of misleading VP Mike Pence.
Donald Trump that he was accused of taking over where the Russian ambassador spoke about Sankshns.
new nasa

Flynn's resignation came after those reports which had said last month that the Justice Department Trump Administration warning about the talks with the Russian ambassador said. Flynn said that the US Department of the dialogue Russia is blackmailing.

Please tell Flynn presidential campaign from the beginning of the few people who were in Trump were constantly supported. He was considered a special Trump.
Flynn said in his written resignation, "many of my counterparts during his tenure, ministers and AMBASSADORS spoken."

"The purpose of these talks, President Trump, his advisors and to create a good environment for foreign leaders did. Such dialogue is based on the standards set."

McMaster, who is?

Known as HR McMaster University PhD from North Carolina in the US history.
In 2014 they were one of Time Magazine's list of 100 celebrities.

The first Gulf War (1991) was awarded the Silver Star capabilities them.

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