Friday, 10 February 2017

Tamil Nadu Governor sent a report to the Centre, the government claims Shashikala

Tamilnadu politics

Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao VK Sasikala and O Panneerselvam on Thursday after meeting the president, sent a report to the central government. It is believed that the ongoing political battle in Tamil Nadu will decide Delhi. Earlier Thursday Sasikala 5 senior leaders of the party met with the Governor and staked claim to form the government. He also presented a letter of support of MLAs. 130 members were reported to them. Earlier, the acting chief of the party rebel o. 
Panneerselvam met the Governor. Panneerselvam told the governor that the party was forced to resign. He later told the media that the governor has promised to justice.
sasikala claims goverment

Governor Vidyasagar Rao met before, and they were on Marina Beach Sasikala she offered flowers at the memorial and prayed. She sealed envelope placed on Shashikala Memorial. It is believed that these legislators were support letters. Then the governor made an Sasikala. According to AIADMK, 129 legislators supported the meeting Noting he staked claim to form the government.

Panneerselvam victory of righteousness shall be

O Panneerselvam at his home after meeting with the Governor told the media that religion will prevail. He said, "I was informed about the current situation in the state governor. In the years to come will be good stuff."

According to media reports, the governor asked Panneerselvam was forced to resign. The pressure was on them and they were being threatened. The majority also said Sasikala Panneerselvam artificial. Panneerselvam earlier told the media that he never lied Sasikala Amma (Jayalalithaa) not traitors. 

"The CM's chair Sasikala rudely grabbing to look at. If they are successful in their efforts, then it will be big stain on democracy."
sasikala claims goverment

Which party in Tamil Nadu, how many seats

A total of 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. AIADMK and DMK have 89 to 135 seats. His seat is vacant following the death of her. Congress and the Muslim League, has 1 seat 8 seat.

Was reached at a meeting of 130 MLAs Sasikala

130 out of 134 members on Wednesday at a meeting of party general secretary Shashikala arrived. To prevent defection sent to all three buses a hotel. On the other hand, Panneerselvam also claimed the support of 50 legislators.

The Madras High Court on Thursday held hostage AIADMK MLAs urgent hearing on the petition of the accused refused. Tamil Nadu government told the High Court in MLA hostels and anywhere they have freedom of movement.

Panneerselvam letter to banks

AIADMK treasurer sacked Panneerselvam 2 Bank wrote that he would still treasurer. He has asked the Bank to another party without my permission account should not operate.


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