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Parents buried the dead in the courtyard: a girlfriend's body was also buried

High Profile Murder Case 

The high-profile murder case has revealed the new. Murder of girlfriends in boxes and put his body in cement plinth, who accused of killing their parents have admitted. Udayan Das accused (32) on Saturday, police said in interrogation. He killed his parents in Raipur in 2011 after she had buried her body in the courtyard.

West Bengal's Bankura living Devendra Kumar Sharma alias aspiration daughter Shweta (28) in 2007 to a boy named Udayan was Friendship on Orkut. June 2016 came at the job by speaking Aakanxa went Bhopal. Here he lived with Udayan. He told the family that I am doing a job in America.
murder case

Be talking to families in July 2016 after the aspiration went off. Trace the number turned out to be the brother of Bhopal location. Udayan aspiration of people doubted that the family is living with. Aspiration were reported missing in December 2016.

After a month's investigation, the police arrived at the home of her boyfriend Udayan arrested him. During interrogation, he confessed to the murder of aspiration.

Udayan parents spoke about what?

Udayana told police that the murder of his parents in 2011, she has. Then Raipur (Chhattisgarh) had sold his house in the city of peace. According to the accused, the two bodies he had buried in the courtyard.

Police arrived on Sunday Raipur Udayan two skeleton during excavations in the old houses have been recovered. Saturday aspiration was cremated at Subhash Nagar rested pier. Meanwhile, her family members were present.

Agreed to pay the mother's phone number was not so deepened suspicions

VK Udayan Das's father was foreman in BHEL. Udayan's mother had to retire from the post of analyst Vindhyachal temple.
Mother's pension comes to Rs 30 thousand. Udayan with his father in MP Nagar branch of Federal Bank is a joint account. Udayan mother was out of the pension every month. But where he is, it was not ready to tell. The mother was not ready to give numbers.

Why did the murder of Udayan aspiration?

Aspiration often spoke on the phone to a friend. This was Udayana exasperating pass.
On the night of July 14, 2016 between aspiration and Udayan was fiercely debated. Aspiration went to sleep, but stayed overnight Udayan. Planning to kill the people.
murder case

July 15 morning, he sat on the chest of aspiration and pillows until his mouth was pressed, until her breathing had not subsided. Nonetheless, his anger is not cool. He strangled him by hand.

The body was buried in cement platform

After the murder of his Body aspiration to move to another room was Udayan. Old box empty, put the body. After about an hour in the box filled with cement slurry. Then buried in a cement platform.
Udayan concrete filling in the box and the platform to create a total of 14 accused had used cement sack. Udayan said Kae box body burial in the English Channel on the idea of ​​"Walking Death" serial met. In it he saw a similar murder mystery. After the murder, he was sleeping on a platform laying the mattress. Perfume was also pops sprinkles.

Thursday was disclosed

Sub-inspector Satendra Singh Kushwah, "said Udayan home on Thursday when we arrived there, was locked from the outside. I went up to the door, reached the second balcony. The atmosphere seemed weird to see."

"Shouted slower. Slightly open the door from the inside. I immediately grabbed the collar pulled out a boy. This was Udayana. When asked about her aspirations. At first, she did not answer, but he strictly asked - Yes, I desire to kill. he is under the platform."I asked him why it pops up the noose is put. She said I wanted to know."
murder case

Aspiration was sticking in the body of cement. Due to cement scaffold was so strong that went down was a drill machine. Udayan stench was such a mess in the house was hard to go inside. Aspiration was like mummy's body. His face was covered with a polythene before burial.

Psycho Killer is addictive

Psychological analyst Dr Bhopal. Priti Mathur said, 'I like good home educated girl aspiration of Situation Analysis of the mantle. There was a sense of the financial Insikyoriti. Udayan was addictive, was unemployed, was alone. Doing things his aspiration to be trapped due to the emotions of loneliness. '

'Aspiration to have felt that the emotional support needed Udayan. He will improve. He also supported financially Udayan. Girls are emotional and that many mistakes. They would not know what they are doing. While they should be very careful in increasing proximity to any stranger. Should share information with loved ones. '

Wrinkle on her face uncovered but not
Udayan face of such a huge event, despite the revelations did not see a wrinkle. Police yesterday in court was introduced in the mask. If the mask was removed and came before a magistrate. Told police he did not look nervous.


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