Monday, 27 February 2017

PAK not killed My father: daughter of a martyr; Sehwag took a dig at this comment


ABVP social media campaign, which runs against the recent Kargil martyr Gurmehr Kaur's daughter has now posted the video on Twitter. Gurmehr appeared in the video with a tablet. It wrote, "My father is not Pakistan, was hit by the war." Virender Sehwag on Twitter by posting a photo with the cast plate. It is written, "I have two triple century was not ,  caused by my bat." Meanwhile, he also accused Gurmehr them have received threats of rape from ABVP. He filed a complaint with the Commission in this case women. Gurmehr Lady Shri Ram college student.

Gurmehr the NDTV news agency reported, citing an interview that he has been receiving threatening messages. She says, "Social media is being threatened me a lot. I think it's very scary when people you threaten violence or rape. The threat of rape is not right in the name of nationalism . "
"My campaign of rape Dmkia angry people are also my friends. I'm being told the anti-national and mimicked my being."

I am not afraid from anyone

Speaking to the media later Gurmehr said, "Neither I nor Jhukungi Derungi, my father took a bullet for the country and for the country I am ready to be shot."
"Stones were thrown at Omar Khalid, he did not exist, were rained stones on the students who were present."

"I love my country and to my colleagues, and I would like to support their freedom of speech. ABVP or any student organization, the one that she is not entitled to take the law into their own hands."

What's the matter?

Ramjas College in Delhi last week on Wednesday there was violence between AISA and Supporters of ABVP. The feud reached Pune. Gurmehr against the violence on February 22 Picture changed their Facebook profile.

They appeared holding a tablet in the new profile photo. Wrote on it with the hashtag #StudentsAgainstABVP "I am studying in Delhi University. ABVP not fear. I am not alone. Every student in India is with me."

Gurmehr wrote in the post "ABVP attack on the innocent students is disturbing and must be stopped. This is an attack on the people did not protest, but thought that it was an attack on democracy, every, every Indian close to the heart. the ideals, freedom and the right of every person was attacked. "

"You throw a rock, causing injuries to our bodies, but it can not hurt our ideals. This profile photos to protest against injustice, fear and my own way."

Why was ABVP between AISA and violence?

Ramjas College in Delhi on Wednesday in heavy clashes took place between AISA and Supporters of ABVP.The reason that college was going to be a seminar. The JNU student leader Omar Khalid and Shehla Rashid was called.

JNU student Invitation ABVP protested. Then the college administration had to cancel the seminar.
ABVP Thursday DU college students some slogans for freedom of Kashmir and Bastar released video. North Campus of DU remains strained.
Out of college during fierce clashes raises questions on the attitude of the police, after which 3 policemen have been suspended for non-professional attitude.

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