Monday, 20 February 2017

ISIS in the cash-strapped, revenues went down by Rs 6,500 crore within 2 years


According to reports, the terrorist group ISIS went to the cash-strapped. Not only the organization's earnings within two years went down to Rs 6,500 crore. International Centre for the Study of Violence and Political Rediklaijeshn and accounting firm EY went to a report released on Saturday there were these things. The ISIS report said that the business model is weakened.
ISIS's revenue was 12,000 million in 2014, according to the report, and its revenue in 2016 fell by Rs 5,495 crore.

"Within two years of the Islamic State went revenues dropped by about 6,500 crore."
"ISIS is floundering business model and the mid-2014's, since then the Bank Group, oil wells and began capturing weapons factories."

King's College London, said the center's director, Peter Newman, "ISIS went about the biggest mistake that's been deemed a terrorist organization, while it is more than that."

"The costs are higher. Who occupy areas, roads, cure, raise these teachers. While it was not the case with al-Qaeda." Global Coalition against ISIS says the terrorist group in Iraq has lost around 60 per cent and 30 per cent in Syria.

Means less money, less risk

Newman said, "ISIS is not to mean that the cash-strapped group is less dangerous."
"Looking at the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels is clear that these attacks were highly cost-effective."

"Most recently, the ISIS attacks in the US and Europe were self-financing. These costs were raised by those who attack."

The source of income of the ISIS

Newman said, "the main source of revenue for the Islamic State robbery, kidnapping, extortion, tax, such as oil, is artificial."
"The use of these artificial and earnings in the occupied territories are run."

"This money is then spent much faster, when ISIS wants to control the region completely and tries to continue to meet its objective."


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