Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Iman 500 kg of 80 million spent to India, the first surgery will decrease to 200 kg


India has 500 kg of weight-loss surgery for the treatment of Iman Ahmad Saifi Hospital in Mumbai has begun. Doctors say that the Iman of the first bariatric surgery will reduce the weight of about 200 kg. Three years later, a second surgery will be 100 kg or less. Iman, 36 years old is considered the world's most lightweight. Cargo plane crashes in Egypt on Saturday brought to India, the cost of Rs 80 lakh. Please tell the Indian doctors are treating him free.
iman 500kg

Weight-Loss Surgery for Haas India were 500 parking OF TREATMENT OF Iman Ahmad Saifi Hospital Huss Begun in Mumbai. Excluded from the first cradling Briattrik surgery doctors were Iman Will VAT Excluded were Redke About parking: en. Three years later, a second surgery and I will be 100 Less Cg. Iman, thirty-six year old were the Knsidered WORLD'S MOST lightweight. If these Agyrpt Brought Crases cargo plane on Saturday, India had cost eighty million Tablet juice. Indian doctors were treating Oh Please Tell Him free.

Hospital beds in separate rooms and made

According to the CEO of hospital Hujaifa Shehaby, Iman of Alexandria to India to 80 million was spent. The money was raised from donations from his family.
Iman Hospital for treatment of different arrangements have been made. About a month ago, a special room was made ready. The beds also have built-kind.
Selim said Shama sister Iman Hospital are several tests. After nearly a month, or whenever the doctors say his surgery.

The airport was lowered by crane

A team of doctors from Egypt Iman Plne the cargo arrived in Mumbai early Saturday.
Iman Mumbai airport with the help of a truck crane has shifted, which were installed all necessary medical Equipments.
About 15 km from the airport to the hospital by an ambulance and police escort the truck did.
iman 500kg

Doctors said not obesity, disease

Some doctors have told the patient Elifentaisis to Iman. Considerable swelling in the legs. It is parasites.
Doctors also say that too much water has accumulated in her body. This woman's weight is growing.
According to media reports, Egyptian doctors are unable to treat him. The online petition to the President's family. Iman's family doctor for help finally Lakdawala India went up.

Who Is Iman ?

Please tell the 36-year-old Iman Ahmed Abdulati lives in Alexandria of Egypt. Because of the huge body of 25 years could not come to the house. Even that could not move from his bed. Iman was only weighs five kilos at birth. He never went to school.

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