Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Heart stent used in the treatment of patients 85% cheaper, will meet from 7 to 31 thousand

Stents Prize go Down

Heart patients used in the treatment of coronary stents has reduced 85% of the cost of government. Variety is now the stent will be between Rs 31 to Rs 7,000. At present, the price was 45 thousand to Rs 1.25 lakh. Including VAT, all other taxes are included in the new price. The new prices have been asked to immediately begin to implement. Chemical and Fertiliser Minister Ananth Kumar said on Tuesday.
stents prize go down

 National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has also informed in a notification. According to the news agency, the Authority's website has been reported that the hospital earn substantial money on the stent 654% margin.
According to the notification of authorities, now bare-metal stent (BMS) and drug eluting stents worth 7,260 (DES) for up to 31 080 will be fixed. "

"Recently, there were discrepancies in the supply chain of the stent. Market by not having the right information in the system is the financial burden on the patient. In view of the public interest, it is important to fix the price of a coronary stent. "

 "Last year, the government drug price control order (DPCO) under the National List of Essential Medicine stent (NLEM), 2015 was included in." The government has said that the decision of a stent will cost 80 to 90 thousand less. 4,450 million of the country will benefit millions of patients annually.

The government's tough stance

Companies that make and distribute these stent government has clearly said that the new prices will apply to existing stock. The stent, which means that they still exist in the market offering their printing rates but will have to sell them at the prices fixed by the government.
stents prize go down

There are two types of stent?

Heart specialist Dr. Anuj said Sarda, coronary stent, a tube-like device called a blockage in the artery is put on. There are full of blood supply to the heart.
Surgery through the stent is put in that part of the artery. Cholesterol from the blood supply can not be freezing and the risk of heart attack.

 Bare-metal stent (BMS) is a normal stent. While drug eluting stent kind (DES) is mounted on the medicine. So its costs are slightly higher.


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