Friday, 17 February 2017

7 of the people of Muslim countries to ban the entry of US orders will be back: Trump

Muslim Country ban order cancel

Administration Donald Trump has filed court documents stated that the review of the travel ban does not require a large panel. We will lift the ban soon. Trump at the White House made it clear that the people of Muslim countries to ban the entry of orders in the US next week will be replaced by another order. Travel ban against Washington, New York, California, Minnesota, including the 20 states have arrived. Trump on January 27, 7 Muslim peoples came to the US had banned. The protest was happening in many countries including the US.

Trump Administration also said in the documents on Thursday, "the president has made it clear that their objective is the security of the country, not time-consuming to get into any legal action."
Please tell the last week by a panel of 3 judges of the lower court refused to quash a verdict. Lower court to suspend the travel ban was announced.

3-judge panel of the Presidential Administration authority and motive questioned Trump said. Although Trump told the Administration Court judge, could not understand the purpose of the order.

The case was filed by two states

The states of Washington and Minnesota court case against Trump's travel ban was unconstitutional and gave the order.
Bain said that because of the two states living in their state, universities and the sales tax revenue is affected.

Moreover, 18 other states, including New York, California, opposed the ban. Trump then Appeals Court Administration and Washington-Minnesota by Thursday asked to file their logic. The panel of judges could order a hearing.
Court, "states the order of serious charges. He was told that the order to target Muslims." The Court also rejected the argument of the government, which stated that the courts do not have the right to which they can review the issues relating to immigration and national security.

Trump had imposed the ban on the immigration of people from Muslim countries 7

Trump on January 27 ban on the immigration of people from Muslim countries who had 7 of them, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen are.
White House Chief of the Staff Preebs Rins had said: "We have selected these 7 countries it is the main reason."
"Congress and the Obama Administration, both of these 7 countries had identified that there is a dangerous terrorist activities being carried out."

Preebs said, "Now you can also point to some other countries where there are problems of one kind, such as Pakistan and some other countries."
"Maybe we need to take it further. At the moment the people in these countries to and from will be seriously investigated."

120 had said the US will not be able Refugee Day

US Refugee Admisns program was closed for 120 days. These will only begin when the Trump cabinet members will thoroughly examine her.

According to the order, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen will also take up to 90 days entry into the US. They will not get visas.


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