Saturday, 7 January 2017

US Election: Trump to help Putin gave orders directly; 5 years were notorious Hillary, so they wanted to lose


 US intelligence clearly stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presidential election with the help of Donald Trump had to order. This is revealed in the new Diclasifai Intelligence files. Putin was also the fact that long-Hillary dislike. He alleges that Clinton tried to plot them. However, President-Elect Trump denied the allegations, saying that hacking did not affect in any way on the election. Please tell the e-mail system hacking Democrats Barack Obama had ordered the investigation.

Director of National Intelligence to influence the US election, the 31-page report is released.
Accordingly, "Putin passed an order to influence the elections. The aim was to have an effect on the outcome of presidential elections.At the same time, Russia also wanted to reduce people's confidence in the democratic process and the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton's image deteriorated.Intelligence has clearly said, "We have the evidence, he is clear that Putin and the Russian government has preferred to Trump. We were careful about the investigation."

Trump Spoke Russia, China put a dent in our system are
 Trump said, "China, Russia and many other countries and groups are constantly trying to find ways of governmental infrastructure. They want to affect our business and organization."

 "The important thing is that the choice is not in any way trying to impress him, nor had any effect.Republican National Committee (Aransi) was trying to hack. Our defense is strong enough, it is also a failed to hackers."

 "I will appoint a team which will report within 90 days of the ways that the US can be safe.Two weeks later I have to swear. I assure that America's safety and security will always be my priority."

Learn what hacking was in Q & A, what was the motive

Q: Why was targeting Hillary Clinton?
A: Putin are always dislike Hillary. Allegations that Secretary of State Clinton during his US-Russia relations are trenchant. After becoming president in 2011-12, the third time Putin protests on the streets of Russia. Putin had given money to the Clinton demonstrations so that they can remove him from power. Russian media during the Presidential election campaign, Hillary had described the war instigator, while Trump were favorite media. Obama's press secretary Josh Earnest said the intelligence report was reported that Putin's election hack. However, Putin's spokes person said fuck it.

Q: What Russia did it in the past?
A: Yes, German officials said last year that Russian hackers had hacked the site of the Parliament. Allegations that e-mails were explored. This is also evidence that Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic party targeted by hackers. Officials fear that Russia could influence the 2017 election.

Q: In the United States do?
A: Obama has made up his mind to challenge Russia's hacking. He said "the time and place we choose to answer." Crimea and eastern Ukraine in the Russian Federation and its allies say the Obama administration has placed several Sankshns.


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