Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Trump's son will Kushner White House Senior Advisor, will not pay


US President-Elect Donald Trump's son Jared Kushner Senior Advisor to the White House said. Transition officials have informed. Kushner's appointment to the Senate approval would not be required. Although they will not pay it in itself is a unique case where the presidential family, a person may be appointed to an important post.
donald trump
 Donad Trump

Iwanka Kushner, 35, is married to the daughter of Trump. Transition officials said Kushner post of Senior Advisor, Legal Counsel has taken since. So it Nepotijm of the Anti-Law (nepotism law) will not be the Voyleshn. Senior Advisor to the Cabinet rank will not be posted. Will not seek Senate approval for the appointment. Kushner with the salary will not be. " Trump said, "They have already shown his skills during the entire campaign. They will prove trustworthy."

Trump Senate will face tough questions

 US President Elect Donald Trump is the first test starting on Tuesday. Senate sharp questions from members of his cabinet grill. His Appointment will then approves or rejects. By the way, that most members expected to be approved, because this time the House of Representatives and the two houses of the Republican majority in the Senate.

The majority of traders are rich in the first cabinet. Trump will take oath on January 20. In the first three months they will press conference in New York on Wednesday.

Trump admitted Russia responsible for hacking

Meanwhile, Trump's chief of staff said on Monday Preebs Rins, "Trump assumed that Russia is responsible for hacking into the president election." The Democratic National Committee as a target for hacking and Hillary Clinton had a very close adviser.

 The Senate confirmed the nomination on Tuesday, one of the early ones will Sashans Jeff Alabama. Sashans Attorney General made the Trump. Gen. John Kelly will then answer the question.

How many members are wealthy, they did not

 Democrat senators have complained that they have not met certain nominated Dicleyreshns financial ministers. These are very rich businessman. Hearing about it is that this week. There are so many people who are so rich, this information is not public.

70-hour rehearsal

 Meanwhile, Trump Trump cabinet members of the transition team, said Sunday that preparations for the inquiry in the Senate is about 70 hours of rehearsal. Enquiries regarding the modalities of volunteers were ready, who asked tough questions.
donald trump
Donald trump

One China policy of revenge over China will Threat

 Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan's US tour has been overwhelming China. He threatened that if the US tried to eliminate the one-China policy, China will take his revenge. China considers Taiwan its share. Ing-wen are on a tour of Latin America. They were in Houston on Sunday. Many Republican leaders in the US, they found.

British Foreign Secretary met Trump team

 Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in New York and Trump Trump team policy makers met. British Minister and President Elect of the United States was the first meeting between the teams. London Mayor Johnson's former campaign was to Bregjit. Now they are trying to strengthen relations with the US.

Clinton excused himself from the contest

 Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has done away with the contest in future. The claim of a think-tank linked to the Democratic Party, "Center for American Progress' Neera Tandon, president of the. US President Clinton to gain more votes after the polls, the public had lost.


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