Monday, 30 January 2017

Trump's order had to be removed from the Emirates flight to the US Muslim staff

Trump On Muslim 

 In the US after the ban on entry of people from Muslim countries the Emirates Airlines flight attendants and pilots have had to change the roster. These changes are going to the US for all flights. Being told that the airline has changed the roster of Muslim staff. Please tell Trump on Saturday signed an order on 7 Muslim nations was banned for 3 months visa.

Emirates Airlines spokesperson said that the entry into the US Gia These changes apply to all passengers and flight crew operations. Given that, according to the new requirements due to their crew members are changed. ''
trump banned muslim

Airlines spokesperson said another is sufficient workforce. Airlines will therefore not affect. The Emirates Airlines is the world's largest long way. It has a staff of 23,000 flight attendants and about 4000 pilots.

Please tell the Emirates Airlines Dubai government's ownership. The Airlines from Dubai to New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles are 11 flights daily.

What Other Airlines  said?
 Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi in the UAE due to the ban of the flight crew did not comment on impact. However, Qatar Airways spokesman has issued a statement on its website that passengers traveling to the US Green Card and the diplomatic visa is required for entry. Emirates and Etihad airlines have put a statement like that on their websites.
trump banned muslim

Countries hit by the entry ban
Protection of the Nation from Saturday Trump Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States' signing of the executive order. Following up on the order of 7 Muslim nations has been held for 3 months visa. These 7 countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen are included. However, a court in the US, however, the decision is stayed.

PAK can take on people who entered the US ban: the White House signs
US to Pakistan for the first time appeared vigorously. The White House has said that Pakistan in the coming time may be included in the list of countries from where immigration can not. Because terrorism is flourishing in countries like Pakistan. Please tell President Donald Trump recently 7 Immigrants from Muslim countries to ban the entry of orders were signed. However, this order is stayed by a US court. Protest against Trump is happening in America.

Pakistan first strictly American
 This is the first time the US on Pakistan publicly said that some kind of ban. According to the current Executive Order, visitors from countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan under the strict supervision envisages keeping.
trump bannes muslim

 Preebs executives say enough homework was to bring order. "Some kind of order to tell the world that we are not Adwrtaij visitors from 7 countries to ban or they are going to keep a close watch."
 "Some people suggested that we should be warning to all those 3 days. But it could have made plans to go elsewhere on terror. Such people could have been prevented by executive order."

Trump said the order was not against Muslims
Trump said that his executive order is not against Muslims. The Refugee and the other is to control the number of people of the country. 40 Muslim countries are not in the scope of the ban has been brought.

 Trump told the media, "it is not the ban on Muslims. It's working out well. You can feel at airports and elsewhere." Trump said when he signed the order, "We want to decide not want such people in our country who are fighting against our troops out of the country."


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