Sunday, 1 January 2017

NSG in 1965 on the site of the hacker wrote Forgot? Sleep, the ISI will not

New Delhi, 

one suspected Pakistani hackers National Security Guards (NSG) hacked the official website. Narendra Modi for the content posted objectionable and anti-national. The hacker wrote 'forget what 1965? ISI will not go to sleep. '' On Sunday, after receiving information of hacking headquarters site has been blocked. As a reminder, a few days ago Kochi airport's website was hacked.

According to NIA officials, who hacked the website of his identity 'Alone Injector' is described. Pakistan is suspected hacker. This information is gathered about. National Information Center (NIC) is alerted.
- Black Cat commandos of NSG headquarters this website, is operated from Delhi. Share information are attached to the Force. Commando Force was formed in 1984. It is the responsibility of handling anti-terrorist operation. Also Provide The Force also provides security to many Viviaipij.
- Please tell the last days, Rahul Gandhi, Vijay Mallya and Congress, including some older journalists also were hacked Twitter accounts.

Written by hackers?
  • hacker Post photos on the website's home page of seeking independence for Kashmir. He also stressed his identity and wrote the site's been hacked.
  • For the offensive words he used. Surgical Strike in PoK to avenge the Indian Army was also written by the hacker.
  • Hacker wrote 'forget what 1965? 485 tanks. ISI will not go to sleep. '


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