Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Most Americans believe Trump's abilities, only 44% of people believe that will stop scam: Gallup poll

Princeton. Donald Trump, who took over the presidency on January 20, but according to a survey, most Americans have little faith in their abilities. Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton before assuming his presidency on 7 out of 10 Americans had confidence. The survey said 44% of people believe that Trump will be able to stop the biggest scams in Administration.

According to the news agency, according to a Gallup Poll survey, 46 percent of people believe that Trump will tackle the international crisis, while 47 percent believe that will trump wise use of US troops.Election Expert Jafre Jones, according to the survey question was asked in all cases, all the trump last three Presidents from 15 to 32 per cent behind the average.

Trump's Republican Party. His opponent in the Democratic Party by some 14 to 35 per cent on various issues Trump is confident. However, confidence in the Republican Party Trump is 77 to 90 per cent. The survey 1028 adults by telephone between December 7 and 11 of the 50 US states was random.

In these cases, little trust
  • ·         46% believe that the Trump International will handle the issue properly.
  • ·         47% believe the army will be used wisely.
  • ·         44% believe the scam will stop.

In these cases, more confident
  • ·         60% believe it will work effectively with the Congress.
  • ·         59% believe the economy will handle it well.
  • ·         55% believe will defend American interests abroad.
  • ·         53% believe will better governance.

Obama's first day decisions are overturned Trump
 Donald Trump, the current President Barack Obama took over as President of the many decisions are overturned. Trump on January 20, will take over as America's 45th president. Tenure of Obama's foreign, immigration and energy policy are also major changes.

 White House spokesman Sean Spicer This Trump has said in a television interview. - Trump can reverse Obama's new decision in which 35 Russian Diplomats in charge of cyber hacking has been removed from the country.

Trade representative noted lawyer will Laithaijr

 Donald Trump, the famous attorney Robert Laithaijr appointed to the US trade representative. Ronald Reagan Presidential Tenure Laithaijr were Deputy Trade Representative. Among the issues they present, as a lawyer, manufacturing trade, agriculture and high-tech companies represent.

 Now Laithaijr Trump Phnaange trade policy into practice. Trump has already said that the Trans Pacific Partnership pact between the 12 countries of the Americas will be out.

CNN put my worst Photo: Trump

 Donald Trump on Tuesday alleged that the book arrived at CNN in the 2016 presidential election brought out the worst photos. The book is called 'Anpresidented'. It is written by an author of the CNN news channel. The channel claims that the book Trump and depth of reporting is based on the choice between Hillary.

 Without military or administrative experience to trump the big billionaire reality TV star has been written. Also, the states that do not have any respect for the rules trump politics, as well as law-breakers, they have no fear. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

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