Thursday, 5 January 2017

Indian-American to key post in the White House; The Pentagon said the defense relationship with India will be spectacular Trump Tenure


Donald Trump Indian American Raj Shah on Thursday at the White House as deputy assistant appointed to key posts. Shah Presidential elections, the Republican Party had played a key role in the campaign against Hillary Clinton. Trump will be sworn in as US President on January 20. Meanwhile, before the new president took office that are considered important in the press conference that the US Pentagon said the defense ministry Trump excellent defense relationship with India will be good.

According to the news agency, Trump's transition team said in a statement on behalf of the Deputy Assistant To The President Shah, deputy communications director and research director has created. Shah with rest of the team members will help to implement the agenda of Trump. Shah lived in Chicago and was born there. Shah, Gujarat's parents were Americans.

 Meanwhile, after winning the presidential election popular vote loser Hillary Clinton on Wednesday took a U-turn. First they said they would not attend the ceremony, Donald Trump, but he said that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton said.

 Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush will attend the oath ceremony. George Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, was also in the race for the presidential ticket, but was left out in the primaries Picdkr Trump.

 George W. Bush and his father, George HW Bush, was the only US president. Former President Jimmy Carter (92) will also attend. Real estate business trump the public directly by the votes of nearly 29 million votes were lost, but 306 votes in the Electoral College met. His opponent, Hillary Clinton could get 232 votes, while 538 of the 270 votes needed to win.

Will Trump on January 11 press conference
Democrat Barack Obama on January 20, who was president for eight years, will hand over the post to Republican Trump. Trump has said he will press conference on January 11 in New York. The press conference was scheduled for December 15.

Pentagon say more?

 Pentagon spokesperson Peter Cook said: "There are very good relations with India. It will continue to trump tenure and beyond." Cook said, "Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on relations between the two countries of the commitment is absolutely clear. So in the future, the two countries' defense relations will be excellent."

Kamala Harris was sworn including 5 Indians

 One per cent of the US population, despite the 5 Indian Americans created history Congress (US Congress) took oath as members of the. He was sworn in by Vice President Joe Baidn. Kamala Harris (52) became the first Indian-American senator. They have been selected from California, where he was attorney general. Caterpillar's mother and father are from India to Jamaica. He was accompanied by her husband, Dr. Maya Mhof and sister.

 In addition, four Indians elected as a member of the lower house, the House of Riprejetentiv sworn in. These Ami Bera (51) equaled the record of Dalip Singh Sund. Dalip Singh, the first Indian-exactly 60 years ago, was sworn in as an MP. Both third consecutive win. With these two Ro Khanna (40), King Krishnamurthy (42) and Pramila Jaipal (51) also took oath. Fiona is the first Indian woman to become a member of the lower house.

Raja Krishnamurthy oath with his hand on the Gita

 MP Raja Krishnamurthy from Illinois in the lower house of parliament sworn in with his hand on the Gita became another person. Before placing the hand on the Gita first Hindu MP Basil Gbard oath. Basil from Hawaii won a third term.


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