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Farewell Speech Obama Spoke US showing the eyes can not be safe; Emotional and my best friend said Mitchell


Farewell speech by Barack Obama said on Wednesday. Speech lasted 51. They are 8 years of US president. Obama thanked the people. He said, "I learned from you every day. You guys made me a better person and a better president. America can not secure the eyes showing." Once they were too emotional during the speech. Said, "My wife Michelle and daughters, not just my best friend." Please tell Obama's term expires on January 20. Donald Trump will be sworn in the same day as the new president.
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#1 America's  enemy will not safe
 Obama said, "ISIS will end. America will not be safe at all that shows the eye.We Terrorists have killed thousands, including Osama bin Laden."
- "No group in the last 8 years neither attacked nor planned attack on the US."

# 2 in the US, not a threat to Muslims
- Obama said, "There is no threat to Muslims in the country.Americans and Muslims will not matter."

Facilities will be # 3 kids
 Immigrants should invest for children, they also participate in the growth of the US.Emigrants lived here for a long time know that their relations are much better than the American people.

# 4 The strength of democracy intact
Obama said, "the country in the next 10 days will see that once again the strength of our democracy, a President-Elect, takes power."I assure you that my administration will trump peace and a better power transfer.Unity for Democracy has to maintain. That takes us up. We move or fall or rise, we should be together.

# 5 would avoid divisive forces
 The American people have a lot of strength. But sometimes divisive forces are dominated. The incidents in Boston and Orlando, she says that's how dangerous  Radiklaijeshn. Agencies are looking into it.Those who want to divide the country, he is a threat to democracy.

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# 6 for change of every person required to join
 "I have learned that change comes only when each and Involv normal person would. learned from you every day. You made me a better person and a better president."

# 7 is now unlikely to be president
 They told Obama, "You should be 4 years and four." He said, smiling, "I can not do this." Please tell the American Constitution, a person can become president only twice. President's tenure is 4 years.

# 8 Spoke emotional and best friend Michelle
 "Michelle and I have been together for 25 years. He's not just my wife and the mother of the children, they are my best friend." Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha-Melia say this only became too emotional.

Obama had expressed a desire to have fun
The 55-year-jokingly Spotifai Obama joked recently expressed the desire to work. He said, "I am still waiting Spotifai job." About the wife of former US Ambassador to Sweden Natalia told Brejinski tweeted.

michel obama

Obama met the qualifications for the job, which included in- formation can
 A big country to run for at least 8 years experience and have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. Press the program playlists can speak about the fiery style. They should also have the beauty of the great orator. The candidate's behavior should be friendly and warm. In addition to their good relations with the world's most artists and Mugishians are. Kendrick Lamar at his own birthday party (American rapper) laid the performance. (Lamar Obama's favorite rapper.)

The recorded music industry is larger than the US Spotifai

 Spotifai international Swedish company. The world of music streaming via its web-series works. Began in 2006, the company operates in 20 countries in over 50 languages. Every month, it has 10 million active users. Spotifai net value of Rs 57 thousand crore. is. Ie more than the entire US recorded music industry. America's entire recorded music industry revenues in 2014 to about 47 thousand crores. Obama 2015 and share their favorite songs through Spotifai said.

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