Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Brazil Drugs involving two gangs clashed in jail, prison officers, including 60 deaths


 Brazilian drug lord two gangs clashed in a prison. 60 people were killed. Among the dead are many prison officials. According to an official, the casualty figure could rise. Many still have not completed the search of the cell. Please tell the Brazilian Human Rights Group, the world's worst jails and many have told overloaded prison.

  • According to media reports, the incident of violence occurred Sunday evening in Manaus Amajones state. Confrontation between two gangs of drug lord began.
  • After this, the use of weapons was kept concealed inside the jail. Some reports said that many bodies of prisoners were thrown over the wall of the prison.
  • Amajons the Security Chief, said Sergio Fontes There is no gainsaying the fact that the toll could rise rub. Because many cell is searched could not be started yet.
  • Fontes said Adisnl Force were sent to the spot, but he failed to control the rioters. Things then took a special group.

What doubt?
 According to local media, the First Capital Command gang war São Paulo (PCC) and was on drugs between local criminals.Police and some policemen hostage during riots also took 72 prisoners.
 According to some reports, after the incident, several bodies were seen lying on top of each other. However, the media has been barred from taking pictures of the inside of the prison.

The world's worst prisons in Brazil
Brazil's worst prisons in the world, in almost all prisons counts. The prisoners are held every prison capacity manifold.Most of them are drug addicts and drug mafia. The riots in prisons have also not new. Here, such things do happen. In 1992 there was a riot in the prison of São Paulo. The 111 prisoners were killed.


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    1. it is just news that what happen in the jail of the brazil jail...



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