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14 th Conference of Overseas Indian Prime Minister said the brain drain into brain gain would like to change

New Delhi

Held in Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, while addressing the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya conference, Prime Minister said that this is a festival which ones get the opportunity to meet. It is for everyone, not for his own meeting.

He said that so many people are proud to be on this occasion. He said 30 million people of Indian origin living overseas. He is known not only for India but also the number of the country which contribute to their society and for what are identified.

They said they their work, follow the law are rewarded with respect for nature and peace. He said that all migrants, regardless of the destination is different but in the same sense that the NRIs are Indian ... Karmabhoomi he believed the earth. From where it considered Mrmbhumi. The Prime Minister said that with the successes of Karmabhoomi Mrmbhumi have appeared. Where there are developed and maintained in their original alliance.

He said that important for me and for my government and thousands of expatriate Indians are my straight talk.

The investment of $ 69 billion through the NRI has contributed to the development of the country. He would escort the country's progress. He was talking about Brendren ago, then I would say that stupid people are left here. But today Brendren was talking about, but the current government Brendren change in Brengen. The cooperation of the diaspora are desired.

He said that NRIs are contributing in many areas. He said yesterday that the President will honor more than 30 Diaspora organizations. He said that we are tuning in all government departments. Embassy has ordered all the attention should be on the needs of the Indian people. They are helped in every way as soon as possible. It should be provided through the 24-hour helpline. Be met through various people.

The successful conduct of the event thanked the Karnataka government. He far people have come to join the program. Thousands of people joined the program via digital.

'' We do not see the color of the passport, see the blood relationship. Sushma Swaraj said she admires herself has helped many people directly. Also via Twitter. 'We have helped Indians stranded abroad. People from 54 countries have brought back.

'' We do not see the color of the passport, see the blood relationship. Sushma Swaraj said she admires herself has helped many people directly. Also via Twitter. 'We have helped Indians stranded abroad. People from 54 countries have brought back.

He said that when the world is in the country we are trying to help her. The government is taking new steps. He said that efforts are being made to Mauritius indentured be changed with the inevitability of some papers. He said efforts are underway to change with Fiji.
He said the date was extended to June 30, 2017, through which the PIO card holder to get his card into the OCI card. Indians living abroad, he said India is keen to progress.

Ongoing 14th Pravasi Bharatiya conference in Bangalore Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Foreign Minister to participate in the conference, General VK Singh, BJP leader Ananth Kumar, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, etc. are present on the stage.

Portugal's Prime Minister Dr. Antonio Costa said those who left their country in search of better opportunities in their country's great honor. They also contribute to the progress of the country. 'I am of Indian origin. He is still my relatives live in Margao in Goa. He is no longer my father, but I still remain concerned.

He has also contributed to the Indian people in Portugal. In every country visited by people of Indian origin have contributed. I am an individual European country's first Indian galanga which have become the PM. We have strong ties with India.

The centuries-old relationship in Portugal and India. We are working for the development of both countries. People of Indian origin have been cooperating in this work.

He said that we welcome people with open arms. We are always learning from investment and people living in the country have welcomed. Our government strives to remain global investment and to improve the country. Portugal is a country suitable for business, he said.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said in his address on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi had visited 14 state and 14 non-resident day conference here is being celebrated today.

He Krnatko research contribution to the World Forum for Ikonimic list is kept up. He said that foreign investment in the state has been quite good. He said the World Bank has promoted investment in Karnataka. He also spoke of the development of the various regions of Karnataka, Bangalore as one of the best cities.
The recent attacks on women in Bangalore, he accused the government on the issue is serious and the law will be punished.

BJP leader Ananth Kumar in Bangalore are the first day of the 14 expatriate delegates welcomed everyone. He said that on this day in 1914, Mahatma Gandhi came back to India.

The event attended by Prime Minister of Portugal. Suriname Kumar also thanked the presence of the Vice President. The minister also scheduled to arrive in Malaysia thanked Kumar. He also welcomed the Minister of Mauritius. Prime Minister to participate in the program arrived late at night in Bangalore.

The conference, which began on Saturday, an NRI living in countries around the world are participating. The overseas Indian community is by far the biggest event. On this occasion, Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa will be the guest. PBSA President Pranab Mukherjee will on Monday and will give the closing address.

MJ Akbar during the plenary session of Foreign Affairs, Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar, Union Fertiliser Minister Ananth Kumar and Amitabh Kanth CEO will present the Commission's policy. He will also take part in the program in seven states.


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