Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Vladimir Putin's close aide Tillersn Rex became America's new foreign minister


US President-elect Donald Trump, CEO of ExxonMobil said its foreign minister is chosen. However, his election to the Senate for consent to be named in the background of conflict has also drawn the same. The reason is that their old ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin are considered. It won the US presidential election trump hackers through the role of Russia is also in connection.

His appointment was probably because of his being a big businessman have good relationships with many of the world leaders. Being the head of the world's largest energy company, he directly in Eurasia and the Middle East has played a key role on several important deals directly. In the series, their cozy relations with leaders. These conditions have been selected for this post them.

The 64-year-old Tillersn Texas-based oil company working on the post of chief executive from 2006, and the foreign minister of the New York mayor Rudy Giuliani's favorite trump to trump the administration to distinguish themselves from the country's top diplomatic edge over other candidates for the post is created.

Also part of the campaign to improve relations with Russia also have been linked to his appointment. While Mitt Romney in the race for the post in 2012, which were also in the race for the Republican Party presidential fray has.

Also, Donald Trump and Tillersn (64) In many cases similarity between. They have no formal experience in matters of foreign policy. Yet trump them "World Class player had".

Putin Relationship

Russia's oil giant Rosneft oil resourceful Akrtik discovered oil in a deal Putin's close relations Tillersn affair. Because of their efforts, the prestigious Order of Friendship Award Putin of Russia in 2013, they won. It is also being said that Tillersn earlier had opposed those restrictions which were imposed on Russia by the US and other Western countries.

Next year he will be retiring from the post of CEO of Exxon. Tillersn of business in more than 50 countries and is the first time in 1990, after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to know them. Russia's Order of Friendship award Tillersn in 2013 has been awarded.


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