Friday, 9 December 2016

USA Will Give $40 Million with "Condition"

Washington : 

The US Congress has said that Pakistan is an important step to help the 40 million can not be long until the defense minister does not prove that Islamabad accused of targeting US interests concrete action against Haqqani network is picking up.


92 votes in the Senate on Thursday against seven 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (Andiaa) passed. The act if Pakistan Coalition Support Fund (CFF) for $ 90 million to $ 40 million if the four conditions he must follow. Last week, the US House of Representatives had passed Andiaa 2017. The White House will act now. President Barack Obama will become law after it is signed.

Would give evidence of steps taken against Haqqani network...-Condition

Andiaa 2017. According to the defense minister that it will prove to Congress that Pakistan military operations on its territory which are contributing significantly to prevent the Haqqani network. The group from using their country as well as to prevent Pakistan has taken steps to show its commitment. Top leaders of the Haqqani network and the middle level to arrest and prosecute him in terrorists has progressed.

Please tell the Haqqani network attacks against US interests in Afghanistan and had carried out several incidents of kidnapping. Indian interests in Afghanistan, the group is responsible for several deadly attacks. These attacks on the Indian embassy in Kabul in 2008, in which 58 people were killed, including the attack.


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