Monday, 19 December 2016

US Presidential Election: Final decision of the Electoral College voting tomorrow, hope to win Trump


 Tomorrow the electoral college for the election of the US president would be voting. This will decide who will be president. However, the results of the popular vote is likely to be elected president of the Trump.

Popular vote of the electoral college vote is 41 days later.

  • Ilectors 538 Electoral College votes are elected. The House of Representatives voted 438 to 100 seats and the Senate are equal.
  • House of Representatives is like our Parliament. The voting for the 438 seats were.
  • The Senate is the upper house. Like the RS. On November 8, the Senate was voting for 34 seats. Just as we have elections every two years, the Rajya Sabha.
  • However, the new Parliament will not vote on December 19. His place from the people selected 538 electoral votes as the next leader will vote for president.

Also possible cross-voting

  • The results of the popular vote, according to the choice of the people said. But the Electoral College voting Ilectors been selected.
  • It is said in media reports that many Republicans are against the Trump.
  • Pledged to the voters in the Electoral College will vote according to his promise, but some may also cross-voting. In such circumstances, some of the popular vote may vote again on the seats.
  • On December 19, the Electoral College will vote for Vice Presindent.

More population, more Ilectors

  • In a state where the population is determined by how much it will Ilectors. Population in the state are much more Ilectors.
  • The highest in California 55, Texas 38, Florida 29 are Ilectors.

Hillary won the Popular Vote, Ilectors trump

  • Held on November 8 in the popular vote, Clinton won 25 million votes, but won more Ilectors Trump.
  • Trump Ilectors won 306 while Clinton won 232 Ilectors.

The first reflex is also decided by the electoral college

  • Under the American election system take any candidate after losing the popular vote in the electoral college vote could win.
  • In 2000, George W. Bush had lost the popular vote. He later won the Electoral College vote.
  • 47.87 per cent of the time, Bush and his rival Al Gore in the popular vote to 48.38 percent votes.
  • Later in the Bush 271 Electoral College votes and 266 votes to Al Gore.
  • It happened in 1888, when Benjamin Harrison won the electoral vote, while the less popular votes than Grover Cleveland.
  • The last in the US Electoral College votes are given importance.

What happens next?

  • Joint session of Congress on January 6 will be called. It will count the votes of the electoral college. Official announcements of the day the president and vice president will win.
  • On January 20, the new president will take the oath.


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