Friday, 16 December 2016

Trump said the White House knew the hand of Russia is behind cyber attack on the US election, Obama Spoke We will respond


 Donald Trump alleged that the White House knew that the hand of Russia is behind cyber attacks during the elections. Barack Obama said the US will respond to hacking of US elections in Russia. WH, "said Trump was aware of the fact that in elections to benefit from cyber attacks and damage to his opponent Hillary Clinton."

WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, "President-Elect Trump, I heard the people in the team that won the trump efforts are being illegal."

  • However, he immediately said that it was also not illegal they are talking about Trump victory.
  • "The Trump lonely man who did not know this thing. This thing was getting widespread reporting and proof of this was in front of each man reads the newspaper."
  • Ernest said, "It's hard to say who is the source of the Trump. Trump may be a news reporter or Capitol Hill are counting on further details of the case and he or his team about Trump be informed. "
  • "Maybe, his top aide talked about Roger Stone, who in July had tweeted that certainly Hillary Clinton Rsians the hacked e-mail."
  • Ernest "The Trump of Russia knew about the ill-full of cyber hacking. They also knew that it is going to benefit them and harm Hillary Clinton election campaign."


Obama ordered the investigation

  • President Barack Obama has made it clear that a smooth transition would trump it with the Administration. The Obama Administration has given proof of this at every step, and even how serious he is to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Barack Obama during the US elections has ordered a probe into the hacking.
  • Ernest "The Obama are serious about the fact that our intelligence concluded that the answer should also be given. However, I still can not say what the response will be that it further."
  • "The best thing is that the intelligence community during the Election Day, Russia's cyber activities have not seen such an increase, which affected the voting or counting."

Hillary gave Gave Quiet Advice

  • Election of a group of Lawyers and data expert in cyber hacking Presidential Election Hillary Clinton expressed doubt Rikauntting was advised in 3 States.
  • These were the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Was being said cyber hacking could be manipulating the vote total.
  • Stunningly that these three States had relied heavily on the Democratic Party, because their candidates had won here in the last few elections.


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