Saturday, 10 December 2016

Trump said the H-1B visas to those who will not take away the jobs of Americans, if that happens, the US will have the highest impact on Indians

Washington : 

 Donald Trump said the US President Elect of the American people that they would not allow the place to hire foreign workers. He was referring to Disney World and some other US companies. The H-1B visa, Indian and other foreign workers Amerikiyaen the job is taken away. Trump's move will have an impact on most Indians. Indeed, in the US in H-1B visa holders are Indians 72%

Supporters were among his thousands Aywa Trump on Thursday. There he said, "We will fight to protect the life of every American."
Trump said, "During the election campaign, I spent time with those of US workers, which was to train them to foreigners and only later (American trainer) was hired to replace. But now we It will not. "
 "Are you sure? Can you also own the money they get from the job by then, there will not train until those emails, your place would be kept on the job. It's much insulted other can not. "

Sue has two employees

  • Please tell the two outsourcing companies Imploi Disney World and two people have the Federal Court case law.
  •  The complaint that the workers of these companies rather than hiring foreigners salary is plotted. Most of them are Indians.
  •  Case Leo Prero and More, is Dina. They include Disney's 250 Technical Employees, who in 2015 was fired from Disney World in Orlando.
  •  Both of the two IT companies HCL Technologies Inc. and Cognijnt case is dragged

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