Saturday, 24 December 2016

Trump-Putin 'bump' will start a new page in the nuclear race!


Donald Trump had to say from the time of the election campaign that he would try to enhance cooperation with Russia. Trump now to increase the resolution of the US nuclear capability. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, he advised the United States and Russia, both general and its relationship to take the path of cooperation the two countries did not walk in different paths. " Trump said his team from Putin "a very nice letter" is sent. In this paper, Putin appealed to Trump that he "tried to improve the bilateral relations in a positive way to give with." This letter should be stated matter how positive, but Trump's changed the language is not at all difficult to read.

Trump and Putin both enhancing their countries' nuclear capacity needs to be strengthened and it has been insisting on. Trump said on Thursday a new debate on nuclear proliferation. He wrote on Twitter that the US and its nuclear capacity needs to be enhanced significantly. Trump said that the US should continue to do so until as long as the rest of the world's nuclear weapons are not mind whereabouts. Trump's comments on Thursday, Putin had said before that in the coming year to strengthen Russia's nuclear capabilities and their chief military strategy.

Putin, Putin's spokesman has confirmed sending the letter to Trump. Trump said in the beginning of 2016. Earlier it was said that if he becomes president, it will not initiate a nuclear attack, but he said he can not rule out any option again. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter also said the US in the next five years to modernize its nuclear capacity will spend a sum of $ 108 billion. Now Trump Trump spokesman Spicer said Friday that all countries are warning. Spicer said, "It was our answer has been to many countries. Russia, China and many other countries are talking about increasing their nuclear capabilities. " Spicer added, "In such a situation we sit quietly while the rest of the country will not become a threat to our security. I must make one thing clear. Trump is not saying that he's going to do it. He said that unless the rest of the world is not disposed mind, as long as we will do. The rest of the countries on our behalf, warning that the US president is not going to sit quietly. "

The standoff between the US and Russia in recent months had risen considerably. FBI CIA support the claim, saying that the presidential election in the United States and Russia with the aim of helping trump Democratic Party, especially computers and emails hacked. Now Trump's latest statement, he indicated that the US influence in the world, making the most powerful in Russia is no exception. Trump's statement that it is likely to become stronger as in the Cold War era to develop nuclear arms race between the two countries will grow. In response, the rest of the world can join the nuclear race.

Putin on Friday at a press conference when asked to comment on Trump's statement, he said the United States to enhance its nuclear capability is common to talk about. Putin said Trump, who said just what he has been repeating in his election promises. Putin, however, claimed that Russia's army is much stronger than any enemy land forces. At the same time, Putin also said that the US is the world's largest army. Putin said the US missile defense technology is vital to the modernization of Russia's nuclear weapons. Putin and trump in the new language of nuclear weapons is clearly visible sign of extremely high-speed races.

Putin is sent by letter, the date of December 15. It is written that in view of the serious challenges to international and regional stability and security in the current round of world Sunshciti relations between Russia and the US will be crucial. Trump said the letter in response to Putin's thinking and concerns are absolutely right. Trump also hoped to work together with Russia, the US and Russia not to isolate anti-walked paths.


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