Sunday, 11 December 2016

Trump now brought victory prophet 'bad news'

Washington :

Controversial filmmaker Michael Mor the man who wins the US presidential election was predicted to Donald Trump. Now Peacock Trump said he would do something before assuming the post of president will not.

In an interview on Wednesday that Trump said Peacock assume office still remains six weeks and during this time a lot can happen. Peacock said: "I want to do tonight is another prediction. Before January 20, 2017, will not trump presidency. Just over six weeks' time. If you agree that the election this time was different. What happened was not anyone ever imagined. So it is possible that something happens in the next six weeks, something which we do not expect to be. "


Peacock said the next popular votes won in the Trump, I would accept the choice of the citizens of the US. I still do not like him but I accepted. The truth is that I do not want to trump most American Nagarik. Trump may have decided to take a step back before taking office. "

Please tell the Oscar winner, Michael More, had predicted in July trump victory. More, who was also alleged to trump those states will be decisive in the victory. The Atlanta lawyer has called on the peacock's prediction Trump now only the president can not challenge him as being unconstitutional if Hillary electoral votes.  


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