Saturday, 3 December 2016

Trump dismissed the claims of Pakistan

New York / Lahore:

Pakistan's pole again in front of the world is known. President Elect of the United States in the name of Donald Trump has been caught lying spread. Indeed, Nawaz Sharif had called to congratulate Donald Trump. Pakistan's PM office statement said Trump told Sharif wonderful person. Additionally, he promised that Pakistan seek to overcome every difficulty. Trump's team punctured the claim. As said being told, so there was no conversation.

  • Trump-Sharif claims made by Pakistan on the negotiation of the protocol violation of the US media.
  •  American channel CNN, "said the conversation between the two world leaders carefully made public, so that any losses."
  • "Pakistani media call on the way Trump has released details of the conversation, it is a violation of diplomatic protocol."
  •  CNN's Political analyst David Geron said, "the way, Sharif praised Trump appeared, so no president does not."
  • "The things that are written by the culinary media, do yourself a president does not offer."
  • Please tell the four US President Darren has worked as an advisor. India said Pakistan's biggest problem Terrorism.
Indian foreign ministry spokesman, said growth pattern, "We have seen reports of talks between Trump-Nawaz. These are one-sided. It is being claimed that Trump Pakistan has promised to remove all of the big problems. "

Nawaz lauded the claim and ignore the interaction, the growth pattern of the only conversation we have just seen one aspect.
  "The biggest problem of Pakistan is terrorism and we are keeping it welcome dialogue between Pakistan and the US, so the problem is over."


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