Sunday, 18 December 2016

Spoke to retain Trump stolen US drone China, we should not return

 Washington :

US President Elect Donald Trump has said China should seize the underwater drones retained. Trump tweeted, the "China should tell us that we should not drone which he had stolen from China, it should keep to yourself." Trump's statement comes in the wake of Beijing, the attitude in which he had said that the US drone seized in the disputed South China Sea was "reasonable ways" has agreed to return to. Trump Tweets about China being seen as his growing bitterness.

  •  Pentagon spokesperson Peter Cook said, "We decided to make contact directly with the Chinese government that China will return to the US drone."
  • However, the Pentagon also alleged that China in the South China Sea on December 15 US drone (US Navy survey ship Osenografik) took possession of the illegal ways.
  • In this case the US had lodged a formal diplomatic Kmplent.
  • This event serious military confrontation between the world's two great powers like situation is being considered.

Trump has 2 Embed

  • Donald Trump has tweeted on the issue 2. In first tweet Trump accused China of stealing US drone.
  • Wrote, "China International Waters Research of the US Navy drone stole, they took him out of water, and China, it has never happened before

What was the objective of the drone?

  • According to an official of the US Defense Department, underwater drones Subic 50 km away from the valley was caught in international waters.
  • 'Were seized by China to use drones in the salinity and temperature of the sea water was going to investigate. "


China spoke needlessly reigniting old US case

  • China said on Saturday, the US is the case unnecessarily blown out. "
  • It was also said that US drone Beijing a "fair practices" will return under.
  • China's Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said Senior Colonel of the US allegations and said, "The Chinese vessels for safe navigation underwater glider was seized."

China-US tensions between 2 and pressing reasons
That being -mana drone dispute diplomatic relations between the two countries have reached its worst.

  • The expert says, 'drones to seize military incident between the two countries is very important. Earlier in 2001 the US Navy surveillance aircraft and a Chinese fighter jet collided were the Chinese pilot was killed. "
  • There are reasons why it is important to stress 2. Mudda first of Taiwan, South China Sea issue second.

1. Taiwan issue
Trump Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan earlier this month spoke on the phone. On which China had balked.

  • China's move to trump its 'One China' policy shift in the US stance as seen earlier.
  • China warned the United States that 'One China' policy does not change its earlier position.
  • China believes that Taiwan is part of it, which was separated from him and eventually will become part of China, Taiwan.
  • China to Taiwan that it had offered him if he considers himself part of China Otonomi (autonomy) will be given, but turned it down Taiwan.

2. South Indian Sea issue

  • The South China Sea dispute between the two countries. It is claimed by Beijing.
  • The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei claim the South China Sea against Beijing.
  • The US, China accuses the militarization of the area.
  • About 3.5 million sq km of the area of ​​the South China Sea is disputed. The oil and gas in buried.
  • According to the US, in the region of 213 billion barrels of oil and 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves.
  • Vietnam oil exploration efforts in the region, India has been invited to join. Every year the sea is the 7 trillion dollar business.
  • China at the end of 2013, a large project area through a submerged reef Artificial Island had turned.


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