Sunday, 25 December 2016

Russian military plane crashes into sea, 92 dead


Syria on Sunday, a Russian Tu-154 military aircraft of the Black Sea (Black Sea) in Durgtnagrrst fell down. The plane was carrying 92 people, all have been confirmed dead. Flight crew members in music, journalist and soldier aboard. The investigation has been ordered into the incident. Recently, another Russian military plane crash in Siberia, 39 people were injured.

Russian Defense Ministry sources said the Syrian military aircraft at 5.40 am off to Adler said. The musical group, the Red Army Choir military aircraft 60 artists, some military and government-run TV channel, nine journalists, including 84 people aboard. There were eight crew members on board, including the crew.

Russian air base in Syria music team members to participate in the program was held in the new year. Shortly after the plane disappeared from radar. Coastal city of Sochi in looking after its wreck was found in one and a half kilometers from the Black Sea. Debris lying in the depth of 70 meters under water.

The aircraft was built in 1983. Hemimim western Syrian airbase Durgtnagrrst aircraft was on a regular flight. Russian fighter jets flew from the airbase against President Bashar al-Assad militias attack. Technical defects in the initial investigation of the incident is believed to be responsible.

Tu-154 military aircraft have been several times before, Durgtnagrrst. Defence Ministry to investigate high-level team has been sent to the spot. Deputy Defense Minister Pavel Popov also arrived Adler. President Vladimir Putin has expressed grief over the accident and announced a day of national mourning.

1.5 km from the Black Sea coast debris found in ocean
  • According to the defense ministry, the wreckage of the plane in the sea off the coast of the Black Sea at a depth of 1.5 km and was 50-70 meters.
  • Syrian plane was based Russian airbase. The plane was used during the operation in Syria.
  • Please tell the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad government's Civil War Russia is helping.

There was a plane of Army Music Group
  • Aircraft carrying 84 passengers, was the member of the Russian Army and Alecjendrov Ensemble Group. Musical groups called the Red Army Choir.
  • Musical groups in Syria with the army was going to celebrate New Year.

Starting inquiry
  • According to reports, Russia's Investigative Committee has initiated an investigation.
  • Being aware of the fact that air transport safety rules because of the accident has not been overlooked.

Tu-154 has been the victim of several accidents
  • Tuplov the Tu-154 series aircraft was built in 1960. The three-engine, medium-range and narrow-body planes.
  • 975 km / h flying Tu-154 are to be used at the moment is one of the world's fastest aircraft.
  • Tu-154 aircraft series so far has been the victim of several major events.

The loud crash of Tu-154
  • 10th April 2010: Tu-154M aircraft Lenc Kajinski president of Poland and his wife Maria was taking apart the Polish delegation. Aircraft crashed near Russia's Molensk. All 96 passengers died in the accident.
  • July 15, 2009: Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 was traveling from Tehran Yerevan. Jnntabad plane crashes in Iran, killing 168 people. Flight 7908 was used for the Tu-154M aircraft.
  • August 22, 2006: Russian Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise Flight 612 unmeasured airport while leaving St. Petersburg crashed in Donetsk. 170 people were killed in the accident. Flight was the Tu-154M aircraft.
  • 12 February 2002: Iran Air Tours Tu-154M flight 956 carrying 370 kilometers south-east of Tehran, crashed in the mountains. 119 people were killed in the accident.
  • July 4, 2001: Vladivostok Air flight carrying 352 passenger aircraft Tu-154M crashed before Irkuts airport. 145 people were killed in the accident.


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