Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Priyanka Chopra becomes UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador


 Priyanka Chopra, UNICEF has been appointed as the new global goodwill ambassador. The actress from the world, the world of tortured children 'collective voice' and becoming a better future for the coming generations to be asked to work together.

The UN Children's agency last night to celebrate 70 years of a star-studded ceremony with British footballer David Beckham and 12-year-old actress said Bobby Brown, the new UNICEF global goodwill ambassadors to be appointed as Priyanka Chopra declare.

Priyanka Chopada is famous indian actress and now doing Famous Series Quantico in America.
Priyanka top diplomats of the United Nations at the ceremony, said while addressing a UNICEF Goodwill ambassadors and children, "I wish the child to be independent. Them to think, freedom to live life. "He has made tremendous progress in every area of ​​human life but also in the world, child violence, abuse and exploitation of the vulnerable. "The collective voice of children to become the world's oppressed urge you to join us today."

Chopra, UNICEF's efforts to improve the lives of children applauded. Chopra said, "Let us choose to humanity, is to choose to fight against injustice and to ensure a better world for our children to be selected." Function "Quantico" star better than UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ismail , Beckham, Jackie Chan and actor included Orlando Bloom.

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Chopra said he was attached to UNICEF in India 10 years ago and that the agency's new role as a global Goodwill Ambassador received a "polite and committed 'feeling. "The journey of a decade with UNICEF in India, I visited several villages. During those visits, I spent time with several young girls and their families and to empower girls directly experience the transformative power. "He added," the world to protect children's rights, to help build I am proud to be associated with UNICEF. "

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