Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Obama made a major defense partner to India, Pakistan set strict conditions for

US President Barack Obama to an agreement made before the quit India's position on Pakistan, Qatar has increased. For 2017, 618 billion dollars (about 42 thousand billion) defense budget signed. Now it has become law. With this, India formally became America's largest defense partner. Budget with an emphasis on defense cooperation with India in aid to Pakistan have been kept to the strict conditions.

President Obama's National Defence Authorization Act, signed in 2017 in Hawaii, where they are celebrating the holidays with his family. The defense of the law and to inform the Senate Armed Services Committee about John McCain, said the head of the defense cooperation between India and the US will grow.

The defense cooperation with Pakistan in this law envisages conditions are but four. Pakistan will meet these four conditions, then the US will stand with her defense. According to them, Pakistan will provide evidence to take action against the Haqqani network.

Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund from the US in the amount of US $ 90 million to US $ 40 million (Rs 2,700 crore) will then Pakistan will meet four conditions. Moreover, the defense minister of the US Congress also must prove that Pakistan is taking action against the Haqqani network.

Let me tell you this at the beginning of 2016, helped by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter stopped because Pakistan, was not taking action against the Haqqani network. The US $ 120 million to deal with the Islamic militant group ISIS (8200 billion) is earmarked.


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