Friday, 23 December 2016

Libyan plane by hijackers surrendered, all passengers and crew safe

North African country of Libya on Friday hijacked a domestic airline plane was taken to the European island nation of Malta. 20 year two hijackers threatened to blow up the plane by hand grenades. The plane was carrying 118 passengers.

After landing in Malta officials spoke to the kidnappers, after which 65 passengers were released late Friday. Had been in negotiations over the release of other passengers. The kidnappers demanded the moment was not exposed.

Airport officials said Afrikiya Airways Airbus A320 flew to Tripoli in Libya Sabah. At the same time on board two hijackers claimed to be hand grenades hijacked aircraft.
Libya said the kidnappers of an MP close to the age of 20 and are from the southern Libyan Tebu an ethnic community. According to the premiere of Malta Joseph Muscat, 118 passengers, including 82 men, 28 women and a newborn are included.

Afrikiya Airways official said earlier that the plane from Tripoli to Malta flew 350 km to the north. But later he came to Libya to Malta and then left again for landing.The official said the pilot first to convince the hijackers tried to landing in Libya, but it failed.

To hijack a passenger plane to Libya on Friday, the two hijackers surrendered. Afrikia Airways A320 plane flew within Libya. The 118 people aboard. Two hijackers entered the plane and grenades threatened to blow up the plane. Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the hijacking was tweeted. A few hours later, all the passengers and crew left the hijackers.

According to the news agency, the plane as Afrikia Airways Flight domestic uses.

·         Was removed in 2011. The dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Since then, his supporters and the opponents are usually daily violence. The situation in the country has deteriorated significantly. On different parts of the country is occupied by different groups.

·         It is believed that the incidence of hijacking was carried out by a local group. However, the government still did not say anything on his behalf.

Where is Malta?

-malta Is a small country in Europe, which is about 500 km from the northern border of Libya. This country is known for its historical sites.


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