Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Legion claimed hackers group, stole data released in India shall be stirred


Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party, the controversial liquor baron Vijay Mallya and group hacked Twitter accounts of journalists' Legionnaire's eye is now on the official website sansad.nic.in. The site is served via email to government officials. Factordaily.com an interview with a member of the Legion, said now that they are a big bang.

Recently Rahul Gandhi, Vijay Malya and other Journalist’s Twitter Account Hacked By Annoyance and Post such bad thing on twitter, Legion is the official hacker group that claim that they hacked their twitter account and now they doing some thing very big on india politics.

Instant-messaging software via an encrypted Monday in an interview with The Washington Post Legion Apollo Hospitals Group said it has made access to the server, and the release of data from those servers are not sure yet has been done. In India it is stirred.

The report quoted the Legion crew a few weeks ago, the Legion was not interested in political figures. The group had several terabytes figures, all of which were related to the areas of data hackers and least popular celebrities of India identified gigabyte of data.

Target Lalit Modi

Washington Post, writing about foreign affairs, said that when he asked Max Birak so much to figure how they came to India, he said, more than 40,000 have been hacked servers.
He figures the Birak of them were making their goals. There was no other way. Whatever he's got, is intended to release him. The Legion has warned that his next target IPL chairman Lalit Modi.

King of hacking
The report indicated that she and her crew Legion to follow the eyes of hackers was loud explosions. When India's Twitter account hacked by the hacker group claiming that they have the support of people like this in the years to come and will bang.

According to a tweet before the people who support us, join our group. The Legion supports it. We needed to bring these criminals to justice information reaches you. Legion said it is just the beginning. All the figures in the next few days will come, because we are Legion.


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