Friday, 2 December 2016

Gujarat's business by revealing 13,860 Cr unaccounted income, by far the largest IT raids after disclosure

Ahmdabad :

Sarkar income declaration of the greatest unaccounted income of Rs 13 860 scheme is revealed. Gujarat has revealed that the property dealer. The Income Tax Department on Friday after the disclosure of the chartered accountant firm Appaji Amin Shah raided targets.

Chartered accountant and partner in the firm of Shah Amin Shah CA Tehmul Appaji Sethna Speaking to the media, confirmed the raids. IT department between November 29 and December 1, Shah was searching on the bases.

- Sethna himself Shah does not know yet where they are.
- He claimed that the government had shut down on September 30, Shah 13 860 crore scheme IDS cache was uncovered. Shah were in contact with me since 2013. He had consulted me several times in the past. However, while they were not my regular clients.
- Sethna said the IDS scheme so I've advised the Shah for their peace of mind they may disclose income.
- According to Sethna, Shah 67 years and they have heart disease

Mahesh Shah, how much tax will be?
- Shah 13 860 million has disclosed unaccounted income.
- 45% amount as income tax disclosure scheme will pay them.
- Which means they'll need to pay a total tax of Rs 6237 crore.
- Under the scheme will be 25% of the first installment of Rs 6237 crore. Ie Rs 1560 crore.


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