Thursday, 15 December 2016

Forbes list of world's 10 powerful people in his No. 9; Russia's President Putin number one, Trump 2nd position

New York.

Forbes magazine's list of the world's 10 powerful people Narendra Modi has been replaced on No. 9. Russian President Vladimir Putin in the list for the fourth consecutive number-one position on. US President-Elect Donald Trump to second.
Forbes said that Modi's popular in your country of 1.3 billion people. - "Barack Obama and Xi Jinping during a meeting with Modi's profile as a global leader in the last few years there has been much higher." - "Issues such as climate change and global warming on the international level, Modi has emerged as the key figure."
The decision referred to in Forbes Notbandi Narendra Modi's decision -forbs Notbandi is referred. Against corruption and black money 500-1000 Modi had decided to close the old notes. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the third in the list of -forbs third and fourth President of China Xi Jinping. Francis -pop ranked fifth in the list.

US President Barack Obama special thing on the list at number 48 Veen. -north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, 43, founder of ISIS and Baghdadi at number 57 on the list ranked.   Time Person of the Year in the readers' poll were his No. 1 Time-Magazine's person of the year in the readers' poll Narendra Modi was the number one position. -modi Donald Trump in the readers' poll, Barack Obama, celebrities like WikiLeaks founder Julian Asanje left behind.

Trump met with heavyweight technology, what is th matter!

Silicon Valley Tech's powerful executive in Trump Tower on Wednesday, the US president met with Donald Trump. The three major US companies Apple, Microsoft CEO alphabet and lodged presence here. The meeting between technology giants and Trump, Trump's special thing was far from the technology sector were not very good equation. They publicly Apple, Amazon also came criticism. According to The Washington Post reported yet behind this special meeting agenda, it is still not known.

The complete list of visitors, complete information was not. Invitations were sent to 10 different technology companies. A source said the meeting was actually a conglomeration of Mulakhation. According to sources, after a roundtable with Cook and Musk Trump met separately. Oracle CEO Safra Kajh were already in the Trump Tower.

Here are some of the names of veterans

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook 
  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella 
  • Alphabet CEO Larry Page 
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
  • Facebook CEO Sandberg 
  • Sherry Tesla CEO Elon Musk 
  • IBM CEO Ginni Rometi 
  • Intel CEO Brian the daily


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