Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Donald Trump said the new Air Force One expensive, may cancel the deal

New York.

 Donald Trump, the newly elected President of the US took just 6 weeks rest, but before that trump the Air Force has hinted at to cut costs. Trump's new aircraft deal between the government and Boeing has decided to cancel.

Please tell the US government two or more new aircraft with Boeing was the deal. Under the deal, the new aircraft joining the Air Force a year by 2024, but before that much more expensive than the Trp transaction has expressed a desire to cancel.

Please tell the government and the deal between Boeing was more than $ 3 billion. Trump tweeted on Tuesday said the new Boeing 747 Air Force One for the future president is going to build. But its cost is more than $ 4 billion, which is out of control. Order canceled!


Boeing spokesman when asked about the issue, he said that before we know what is happening, then we will be in a position to tell you anything.

The aircraft are used to trump yours. Trump's 747 aircraft, but the Air Force jet Trump as president will travel on the special security, protective and is equipped with communication devices.

Fact of Air Force One

Looks shrewd, the plane may resemble an ordinary Boeing flying machine, nearly as tall as a six story building air ship is strong to the point that there won't be any effect of even the atomic bomb over it! "Aviation based armed forces One" isn't in fact the name of a plane, however it's the 'radio call' name for any US Air Force plane conveying the president of the United States.

 When US President goes in the Air Force One plane, then its whole group is alluded as the Air Force One team. It is done to keep away from any sort of perplexity with whatever remains of the planes flying in a similar zone. In the event that the US President goes in an armed force chopper, then it is alluded as "Armed force One". 

Two planes that consistently fly under this assignment - about indistinguishable Boeing 747-200B planes are assigned VC-25A, with tail numbers 28000 and 29000. It is likewise considered as a "secretive" air ship as nobody knows anything about a few sections of the plane. Indeed, even the political pioneers and writers are not permitted to get some information about the mystery parts of the plane.

 The US Air drive is constantly ready about its design arrange. A considerable measure has been said and written in regards to what it would seem that from inside, yet till date there has never been an official affirmation about its insides. Regardless of the possibility that any official knows all insights about it, then the individual is precluded to uncover it to anybody


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