Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Defense spending is the fourth India, Saudi Arabia, Russia beat; Top US

London : 

 Defense spending is the fourth country in the world. In this case, India has overtaken Russia and Saudi Arabia. USA is in first place. In the case of Asia, China with 123 billion defense spending is on 1st position. The point made about defense spending, a report has revealed.

Defence spending over the London-based defense and security analysis firm IHS Jane's report said.
- The report covers 105 countries, defense spending.
- Accordingly, global defense expenditure of $ 1.57 trillion (Rs 5 lakh crore.) The increased. In 2015 it was $ 1.55 trillion.
- Slight increase in expenditure due to the South China Sea dispute is to be Asian.

Who tops Which Continent?

  • It is on top of China. China 123 billion dollars on defense in 2010 (8 lakh 23 thousand crore.) Was spending. By 2020, China's defense expenditure of $ 233 billion (Rs 15 lakh 72 thousand.) Will be.
  • The terms of China's defense expenditure budget fourfold UK and Western Europe, including the costs will be higher than.
  • Saudi Arabia and Russia, countries that spend the most on defense overtaken India in fourth one is.
  • According to the report, the pound continued to decline in 2018, India's defense budget will be more than the UK.


  • Included in the EU budget in 2016 to $ 219 billion (Rs 14 lakh 78 thousand.) I.
  • The European Union in the defense of Western European countries spend more.
  • The first time since the 1990s, Russian defense spending by $ 48 billion in 2016 (3 million 23 thousand cr.) Is cut.
  • However, despite low oil prices in the West Asian countries have not cut defense spending.


  • 622 billion dollars (41 lakh 98 thousand crore.) With the US, the world's defense spending is on top.
  • According to the report, 40% of the world is part of the US defense budget alone.
  • However, the Pentagon has cut defense spending by 1.1%. But is seen as an investment that will grow Defense Donald Trump after becoming president.


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