Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Abbottabad, near Pakistan Airlines plane crash: 47 people aboard, 21 bodies


Pakistan International Airlines plane crashes are reported. The aircraft was being Chitral Islamabad. Being told that the plane crashed in the village Krpal of mansions. This location is in Abbotabad.

The famous singer Junaid Jamshed Pakistan also were on board. His brother has confirmed.

Pakistan Army has been dispatched for the rescue operation. Sources say that the aircraft was carrying a total of 47 points. In addition to the 5-member crew aboard. Being told that evening around 4 pm on 15 minutes radar lost contact with the aircraft.

With that being said, the last words of the pilot of the plane was over control of the aircraft. However, no official information about the aircraft, not passengers are safe.

Pakistan Airlines spokesperson told Daniyal Gilani "ATR-42 aircraft was being operated as Flight 661 Pike- and it crashed."

  • "The plane was 10 years old, but was in good condition. All the way to rescue the resource is being used."
  • Meanwhile, the Inter-Services Public Rileshnns told the "Army and helicopters have been dispatched to the scene."
  • The well-known singer Junaid Jamshed plane to Pakistan with his wife, is also reported. The Deputy Commissioner Chitral was carrying.

Where the accident happened?

  •  Radio Pakistan said the incident happened in the village havelis Patola terrain.
  •  Pakistan Ordnance Factory near the site of the accident. Villagers saw it fall.
  •  I saw smoke from the hill.

How many people were on board?
  • According to the passenger list of the plane 31 men, 9 women and 2 young children were aboard. In addition, two and three pilots were airhostess.

Due to Crash
  • globl Aviation Aviation watchdog told the Herald the Dawn "PK -661 crashed due to engine failure occurred."

Where was going where?
  • 3:30 pm The flight had left Chitral. 4:40 pm It was due to arrive in Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Around 4 pm but lost contact with the traffic control room.

 Before the tragedy in Pakistan
  •  In 2012 the plane of Bhoja Airline Boeing 737 crashed near Islamabad. It was carrying 121 passenger.
  • The Islamabad in July 2010 with 321 Airbus had happened. It killed 152 people.
  • In 1991, PIA Airbus A300 crash was too. 167 people were killed in the accident.


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