Friday, 30 December 2016

35 Russian Diplomats expelled US, polls, accused of cyber hacking; Obama gave the order to 20 days before leaving the White House


 2 Russian intelligence agencies in the United States Barack Obama and his top officials have been banned. Additionally, 35 Russian Diplomats have been ordered to leave the country. As a reminder, in 2016 Presidential elections, political parties and politicians of Russia hand in hacking servers and emails surfaced. 20 days before leaving the White House, Obama has taken this step.

  • ·         According to the news agency, President Obama issued an order on Thursday. 2 intelligence GRU and FSB of Russia banned Ajensij- he said. GRU is helping companies also banned.
  • ·         Meanwhile, Moscow has said the Obama Administration losers. Threatened with retaliation.
  • ·         Russian Embassy in Washington and the consulate in San Francisco has dropped 35 Diplomats. Within 72 hours, they were asked to leave the US with his family.
  • ·         The Diplomats due to move out of the diplomatic realm has been extracted.
  • ·         Obama's move to the US after the Russian government in Maryland and New York, so the people will not have access to the campus.                                                                               

Obama Spoke Be cautious about Russia
  • ·         Holidaying in Hawaii, Obama said in a statement, "We have many personal and official warning to the government of Russia took the step after sending."
  • ·         "The International Rules violation try to harm America's interests and against those who have the necessary and appropriate action."
  • ·         Obama also said, "Now the American people should be cautious about Russia's actions."

So taken these steps?
  • ·         US intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion after examining the Democratic Party, its leaders and its branches servers in Russia was behind the hacking of e-mails.
  • ·         Agencies believe that the Russian cyber attackers objective was to determine the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump.
  • ·         Although Trump Intelligence agencies have rejected the results.

What will remove the ban on Putin's close Trump?
  • ·         Right now it is not clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest Donald Trump on January 20 after assuming the post of the US president continue or withdraw these restrictions.
  • ·         US President-Elect Trump to tell Obama and Democrats have accused intercepted on the shift of power in the ballasts.

Russia denied the allegation
  • ·         Russia has denied the Obama administration's charge that the Russian government was in the US elections cyber Hacking.
  • ·         Russian Presidential Office Kremlin retaliated by stating illegal US operations are threatened. Trump also questioned whether the ban also has sealed?


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